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The North American Corriente Association was established in 1982 to promote and preserve the Corriente breed in the U.S. and Canada. A small group of interested ranchers agreed to join forces to perpetuate the breed in North America by forming an association. The motivating force came from the difficulty they themselves had finding good, healthy Mexican steers of traditional Corriente type to rope and bulldog. 

The NACA's most important function is to institute the cattle registry. This record documents the pedigrees of all registered animals so that breeders and buyers can be assured of their genetic background and standard characteristics. Today, the NACA has grown to not only provide our members with an accurate cattle registry, but to provide our members with educational activities, a cattle show, and a members-only team roping.

Our Story

Meet The Board of Directors

Nikki Ashley

Nikki Ashley

Ron Luikens


Dusty Schwartz


Ron Luikens


Darrell Miller


Scott Backer

Russell Barham_edited_edited.jpg

Nikki Ashley - Bad River Jerky 

Executive Director

Chamberlain, SD

(605) 730-8430 /

Ron Luikens - Lazy L Bar Corrientes


Scottsbluff, NE

(308) 765-0170 /

Term Expires 2026

Dusty Schwartz - Silver Dollar Roping Cattle

Vice President

Mullen, NE

(308) 546-7317 /

Term Expires 2025

Darrell Miller - G/M Cattle Co.


Pukwana, SD

(605) 605-680-0326 /

Term Expires 2026

Scott Backer - Exaclibur Cattle Company


Bowie, TX

(940) 255-7727 /

Term Expires 2025

Russell Barham - Barham Cattle Co

Board Member

Madisonville, TX

(936) 348-5994 /

Term Expires 2024

Advisory Board

Diamond A Cattle Company

Tucker Ashley - Pukwana, SD


Cates Ranch

Ginny Cates - Wagon Mound, NM 


Sunnybrook Ranch

David Lewis - Hot Springs SD


6 Ranch

Liza Jane McAlister - Enterprise, OR

Marvin Knutson - Garry Owen, MT

Bill Mundorf - Edgemont, SD

Craig Nichols - Madras, OR

Past Presidents of the NACA

-Established in 1982-

1982 -  Tucker Ashley

1987  - Marvin Knutson

1992 -  Darrell Currie

1993 -  Thurman Mullins

1995 -  Jim Watkins

1997 -  Dave Lewis

1999 -  Jeff Poole

2001 -  Mel Gnatkowski

2005 -  Kinnan Golemon

2010 -  Ron Long

2012 -  Liza Jane Nichols

2013  - Ricky Mara

2018 -  Calvin Schwartz

2020 -  Rick Schlutz

2021 -  Joshua Martinez

2023 -  Colleen Walker

2024 - Ron Luikens

Our Sponsors


James Family Trust


Lazy E Arena


Texas Corriente

Cattle Association

Our Partners


Texas Corriente

Cattle Association


Southwest Corriente Cattle


bad river jerky.jpg

Bad River Jerky

Chamberlain, SD


Eastern Corriente

Cattle Association


Plains Area Corriente

Cattle Association

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