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North American Corriente Association
Hall of Fame

The North American Corriente Association's Hall of Fame was organized to honor the contributions and commitment of individuals to the preservation of the Corriente Breed.

Hall of Fame Inductees

2022 - Tucker Ashley
2023 - Marvin Knutson

Pictured from left to right are Tucker Ashley of Pukwana, SD, Advisory Board Member and Legacy Member of the National Corriente Assocation (NACA); Nikki Ashley of Chamberlain, SD, Executive Director and Member of the NACA; and Marvin Knutson, Advisory Board Member and Legacy Member of the NACA, of Livingston, MT and formerly of Pukwana, SD.

Marvin Knutson was recently inducted into the NACA Hall of Fame at the Plains Area Corriente Show, held September 14-16 in Gillette, WY. Marvin is a past NACA President, has served as a Director on the NACA Board and currently serves on the organization’s Advisory Board.

Tucker Ashley was presented with his Hall of Fame plaque at this year’s Plains Area Corriente Show. Tucker and Crystal Ashley of the Diamond A Cattle Company were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2022, as the Organization’s first inductees. Tucker is a past NACA President, has served as Director on the NACA Board, is a certified Corriente judge and currently serves on the Organization’s Advisory Board. Tucker was also presented the “Premier Breeder” Award at the Show, for the 9th year in a row.

Both Tucker and Marvin were instrumental in the origination and formal organization of the National American Corriente Assocation in 1982. The Organization was formed to promote and preserve the Corriente breed of cattle in the U.S. and Canada. The Corriente is an American breed of small cattle, used principally for rodeo events. It derives from Criollo Mexicano stock, which in turn descends from Iberian cattle brought to the Americas by the Conquistadores. They were introduced in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to various parts of what is now Mexico. Corriente cattle are known for their strong, lean athletic bodies. They are mild natured, easy to handle, feed efficiently and are weather and disease resistant. These traits make them ideal rodeo athletes and, as recent success dictates, an excellent lean protein source for those wishing to raise the breed as feeder cattle.

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