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Welcome To The

North American Corriente Association
Certified Corriente Beef Program

The purpose of the program is:
1.) To protect the genetic integrity of the Corriente animals

     being used and promoted as meat.
2.) To help make the NACA more sustainable in the future.
3.) To provide added value to the Corriente breed.
4.) To provide protection to established NACA beef producers.

Rules and regulations:
1.) Anyone participating in the CCB Program, must be a current member of the NACA.
2.) Membership cost will be $100/year. This will be for the calendar year.
3.) A.) Any cattle that are registered, will be automatically

     B.) Any cattle, other than registered cattle, maybe

     certified if they meet the following criteria:
          1.) If they meet the conformation judging guidelines

          as listed on the NACA website. Cattle that do not

          qualify will be obviously crossbred cattle or some

          other breed than Corriente.
4.) When an animal is registered with the NACA, the owner will automatically be issued a permanent ear tag with an identifying number and/or design on it. There will be no additional cost to the producer other than the registration fee for this tag.
5.) For cattle that are not registered with the NACA, but are qualified to participate, the owner can apply for the identifier tag for a cost of $5 plus $3 (cost of the tag).
6.) Either of these tags may be used on any age or sex of cattle.
7.) Any money earned by the NACA from the Certified Corriente Beef Program will be used by the association to sustain and market the program.
8.) Anyone who is not a member of the NACA will not be allowed to use the official logo or published marketing materials related to this program. 

Corriente Lean Beef Program

Type of Membership
Type of Entity

NOTE: Dues cover the calendar year (January 1st through December 31st). This means that dues are due every January 1st for the year, regardless of what month during the year you become a member. The dues are $100.00 a year, regardless of what month of the year you become a member. 

Please answer the following questions to help us become more familiar with our members.

6. Which management style do you use?

The undersigned hereby agree to conform to and abide by the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of the North American Corriente Association, and any amendments and modifications thereto which may, from time to time, be adopted. All authorized signers must sign below.

Thanks for applying!

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